Advanced Batch Converter

Advanced Batch Converter 8.0

Batch converts between more than 180 image formats
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Converts to and from bmp, jpeg, tif, png, pcx, pcc, dcx, tga, ico, ps, psd, raw, dpx, fits, fpx, wdp, xpm and numerous other image formats. Embeds batch conversation capabilities.

Advanced Batch Converter is a powerful tool that does a lot more than just converting photos from one file format to another. It also allows batch modifying multiple images at once. Besides resizing and rotating them, it also lets you edit them using all kinds of effects and filters.

Though it’s a comprehensive and feature-rich application, beginners can use it without any problem, as it comes with a simple, intuitive and self-explanatory interface. The processing speed is really good, so it won’t take long to process even large batches of photos.

A really impressive feature of this handy tool is the fact that it supports around 180 input file formats and about 40 output formats. There are very few other tools that support so many image file formats.

In conclusion, Advanced Batch Converter is both powerful and easy-to-use, being suitable for both advanced users and beginners. In my opinion, its only downside is its price, which is not exactly low, but I have to admit it’s mostly justified by the many advantages that this application offers.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports a lot of file formats
  • Intuitive interface
  • Allows performing a lot of operations with the images, in batches


  • Pricey
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