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Advanced Batch Converter 7.0

This is a graphic file converter which supports most popular formats
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Advanced Batch Converter is a graphic file format converter which supports most popular formats. It includes a very good set of effects that you can apply to your images, such as flip, mirror, rotate, resize, automatic enhancement, and others. In addition, it also includes many drawing tools.

Despite the program's title, its main user interface is mostly designed to convert a single file only. When you open a graphic file, you will see not only the image itself but a helpful set of information about it, like its size, resolution, and zoom percentage, and the possibility of displaying it in full-screen mode, too. There is also a couple of buttons that allow you to browse manually through all the images stored in the folder where the active image is, or you can make use of the automatic slideshow presentation, complete with transition effects. Unfortunately, this interface allows you to choose and configure the output format only through a standard save dialog, which makes it a bit confusing.

If you want to convert many files at once, you will need to click on the "Batch mode" button, which will open a totally new interface. It can be used to browse the contents of a folder and to add to the conversion list either the selected image files or all of them at once. This interface allows you to select some effects that can be applied to all the files on the conversion list, and – contrary to what we saw in the main interface – it does allow you to configure the advanced parameters of at least ten of the supported output formats.

To sum up, even though Advanced Batch Converter provides good effects and image editing functions, its usability needs improving. Its two very different windows, each providing a somehow incomplete set of features, turn image conversion – usually an easy process – into a complicated and hard to understand task.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports most popular graphic formats
  • Includes a very good set of image effects
  • Can be used as an image editor
  • Allows you to browse the images in a folder either manually or as an automatic slideshow


  • The main interface is designed to convert a single file only
  • The numerous buttons present on the toolbars in the main interface make it hard to use
  • Allows you to choose and configure the output format only through a standard save dialog
  • The batch mode takes place on a separate window, making it even more complicated
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